In the history of any group, it's fundamental to look back at singular events and realize their significance and importance. For Mississauga Supporters Group, last night at the League 1 Ontario All-star game at the Ontario Soccer Centre, our first official meet-up as a supporters group, will go down as the first of many of such significant events.

As we took up our spot in the stands, banner proudly displayed against the fencing, our group members bonded, shared ideas, talked about the future, and dreamed out loud about what could and will be.

It was an honour to chat and share some ideas and engage in friendly conversation with leaders like Paul Beirne, Dino Rossi, Anthony Tortera, and Ram Mustafa of the Canadian Arena Soccer Association. These gentlemen continue to work painstakingly to promote the game in Ontario and Canada and pave the way for a future generation of professional Canadian footballers.

Members of the media are a driving force behind getting the word out about the Canadian Premier League and it was also an honour to do a segment with Pierce Lang of CogecoTV as well as meet and chat with fellow supporter and co-host of the Sea-To-Sea Podcast, Nathan Martin of the Grand River Union and respectively.

For us as a group, getting the opportunity to rub shoulders with leadership and media to make our presence known cannot be overstated and we're thankful for it. If I am being honest, it gave us the validity we needed to move forward knowing we're on the right track. A social media presence, which we've certainly established, is one thing, but taking part in a marquee event as a a collective for the first time is another ball game altogether.

I'm very proud of our development and our direction so far. As we've mentioned previously, this is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Every step in the right direction brings us closer to the our goal. I am confident in our abilities and our vision. In my humble opinion, I do not believe it is a matter of IF we get a team, but rather a matter of WHEN. The appetite is there and the city knows it.

We've worked hard as a team to continue to expand and grow our vision for Mississauga's future professional soccer landscape. Last night, at the Ontario Soccer Centre, was a milestone and will be fondly looked back on as an important date in our group's history.

We have plenty of plans to further expand our reach, so please continue to join in, share our group, website, social media accounts and general ideas with friends, family, co-workers et cetera. Encourage others to join the movement. Let's take the lead and watch Sauga City rise together!


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